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Apple media event to be held from 10:00 am on October 23, US west coast. From the previous information, the renewal of new iPads and Mac products is predicted. The predictions are summarized, including overseas articles and the author’s perspective.


The highlight of this event is the appearance of a new small iPad. The size is 7.85 inches and is expected to be the same resolution as the original iPad, 1024 x 768 pixels, and the frame will be narrow. In other words, the app will continue to work as before, so it is thankful for users and developers.

What should be noted is the price and weight. Currently the cheapest is $ 399 for the iPad 2 16GB model, but if a small iPad reaches $ 299, it can be said that it has a sufficient impact. And weight. Will 601g iPad 2 be lighter to around 400g, for example? Then, in terms of price and weight, for example, when carrying a personal computer, it will be easier to introduce it as a plus 1 terminal, and it will be easier for children to use one more light terminal.


Information on updates for Mac products is also available.

The MacBook Pro Retina display model has been provided only for 15 inch models, but it is expected to add a 13 -inch model. Unlike conventional MacBook Pro, the characteristic of the Retina display model has a double resolution display. In the case of a 13 -inch model, it will have a 2560 x 1600 pixel display because it has a 1280 x 800 pixel display. In addition, HDD or SuperDrive (DVD/CD drive) is not installed, and the built -in storage device is flashstress. The thin body has two SD card slots, Thunderbolt connector and USB3.0 connector, HDMI connector, and light output/earphone microphone connector, and it is likely to be a small 15 -inch model.

In addition, new design iMac and enhanced Mac mini are likely to appear. Again, attention is the price. The 13 -inch version of the MacBook Pro Retina display model will increase $ 400 to $ 500 than the MacBook Pro 13 inches, as in the 15 -inch version. However, if the IMAC or Mac mini is not SSD, the price may be unchanged.


It is expected that the latest version of iTunes, which has already been announced, will be able to start downloading, but at the same time, Apple’s e -book distribution and viewer application IBOOKS will be renewed. In the new version of the previous IBOOKS, the announcement corresponding to electronic textbooks was made, but this time, along with the miniaturized iPad, 카지노 the renewed IBOOKS is an Apple initiative on the theme of “education and digital”. Will it be reflected?

ITUNES is also paying attention to the future UI of Apple’s Mac. This is a chance to glimpse the future of computing proposed by Apple, such as the interface design, operation method, and cooperation with cloud and devices.


Currently, the West Coast of the United States is past 11:30 pm. In about 10 hours, the event started. We will live on Twitter @taromatsumura, so please see here.

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