The ending of travel without expectation

I always went to the airport the day before I was willing to take a morning plane, but this time I went out of the house and checked in at home and ate late dinner and finished the day. As she travels with her mother, she finds more important than seeing one better than her impatience. There are gratitude for the relaxation of the relaxation and the natural things.

The Macau Parisian Hotel is being promoted, so I stayed here for two days. Macau thought it was very similar to Las Vegas, but Macau, the second found, was a very different city from Las Vegas. I went to Venezian and bought only one egg tart that I was trying to eat after meals. It was so painful and complicated to find this place again. When I marketed influencer in Southeast Asia, it is so nice to see the brand that I worked with as a client. It’s a hard everyday, but I’m still facing a mix of affection.

I wandered for a long time in a restaurant that appeared in Psy’s music video. Originally, I used to buy things at an internet duty -free shop, but I decided to skip the duty -free shop with my mom. And spending time in the lounge, I was going to go to the plane, but my mother and my affectionate brand 바카라사이트/a> Camper were on sale. If you buy two pairs, the discount width is bigger, so you lived with your mom one by one and started your trip pleasantly.

The rich foods were just that, and the tantan noodles made by the staff’s recommendation were as hot as the fried chicken. So I kept coughing and turned upside down and left the store.

My mother, who had never been to Hong Kong, wanted to go to Hong Kong for a few years. I never felt that I wanted to go to Hong Kong even if I had never been to Hong Kong. Since the hotel is being promoted, the ferry table can be obtained cheaply with a little money. And when Hong Kong arrived, he was dizzy, messy, and recalled Cho Sung -mo’s music video that he had seen when he was young.

I didn’t get down from the station, but I wandered around the surroundings to eat Michelin Langpling, and asked for Team Ho -wan. It will have been almost two hours. I was tired of my feelings, and the waiting was a long time in the Timho Wan restaurant next door.

Among the Korean class Chinese classes, we enjoyed forkburn and the right dim sum at a low price. The taste was so touching that I also found Macau Team Ho Wan, but I also felt the difference in taste at every branch because it was much less fresh and much less fresh.

It was a weekend that the day was on the day, so in the city of Hong Kong, it was a festival of foreign women working as a maid and occupied the city. The irony of the luxury shops was that it would not be a business if it was Korea. Later, when I heard a friend who lived in Hong Kong for a lifetime, it was said that this scene unfolds every weekend. Every week, it was strange that the merchants were silent when they occupied the distance so that it was difficult to pass on a luxury street. Perhaps local selfishness and our country are extremely sensitive and nervous about avoiding our own rice bowls. Not long ago, we also controlled the main streets in Ginza on weekends, and we were also a society where we had a long time lacking everyday consideration and tolerance for pedestrians and societies.

I booked afternoon tea and walked without a special destination at that time.

I was stuck in a hot scone that comes out at 3 pm and I don’t like afternoon tea, but I put it on my mom. Rose Jam was not in line with the taste, and the sandwich was also fresh in the sandwich.

Every time I travel to the fact that I can forget and shake off bad memories and experiences, I learn every time I travel, but in reality, I can’t easily shake off again.

Hong Kong’s Soho was as introduced on TV, and there were hip cafes and shops that sometimes looked. For me who couldn’t drink coffee or drink, all of these things were far from attracting attention.

In Hong Kong, high housing prices come to me, but it is also a place where the house price is scared and run away. When I first thought of a job abroad, Hong Kong looked like a land of opportunity. However, after removing the price of the house from the salary presented there, there was no cost to return to Korea.

There were many cafes with their own personality among the narrow building forests in each market alley. And I bought a streets and cherries with my mother at the street street vendors.

As I walked throughout the street that passed by, I could feel the cross section of Hong Kong quickly. I would just get closer at this point. I remembered that a friend who bought a lifetime in Hong Kong went to Hong Kong in summer to fight with his companion. It seemed to be a terrible and hot Hong Kong summer, even if only the air conditioner ventilator facing the building and the building was spouted.

In Geodano, many people were enthusiastic at the sale so that the residents of Hong Kong lined up, and the aunts from each country, which occupied the middle of the city, now headed home one by one. The fast distance is quiet.

I don’t usually use hand creams, but I accidentally gave a gift of crabtree & evelyn. The fragrance was really luxurious, but it was not irritating, moisturizing, and many kinds of incense. Among them, I found a fragrance that made me feel the most and asked me and there to find the store. I only found it in a mall, but I tried to sweep the three or four, but the price of Roxy land was as good as one. Hand cream from Russia is a good item for money.

The darkness of Hong Kong was laid on the streets, and when it was bright, the details of the building were not visible. Hong Kong is famous for not falling asleep, but the late afternoon, which is clearly different from the morning, was more static than I thought.

It is the fun of another trip that my trip to my trip is that the landscape I often see in the media is in front of my eyes. In that sense, Hong Kong was a special city where you became familiar to me too quickly. The day was ended when I ate a chocolate milk that I couldn’t eat because I didn’t have a coin in the vending machine, and I ate a toast full of butter to solve today. Every time I walked through an expensive city alleys with no romance, hipness, or cool, I realized every time I saw an air conditioner that was attached between the building and the building. I’m receiving sweet sins for the city. Only the neon signs of the gorgeous city can’t be the reason for making me over.

・ ——————-

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