“Axel and brake of feeling”

One of the roots of my daughter’s school refusal

Sometimes you can’t control your feelings.

While going to school in May

When you can go to school

I prepared homework and school bags the day before,

There is XX tomorrow

Talk from yourself.

Wake up at 6:00 in the morning and get ready

I go to school at 7 o’clock.

Actually, even if you go out at 7:30, it will be enough

I’m sorry if I don’t come out at 7 o’clock.

The goal is to reach the school gate first.

The accelerator is fully open.

vice versa

When you can’t go to school

I don’t talk about school the day before.

It doesn’t get up at 8:00 in the morning.

Gudetto into the futon

It does not come out.

Breakfast and changing clothes are lazy,

Around 9 o’clock finally starts to move slowly,

Watch Youtube and TV.

It does not move from the sofa.

Feeling that the brake was tight.

Very extreme.

This is also

With a mysterious phenomenon

When I told the worker,

“If you can’t read people’s feelings,

It is difficult to read your feelings.

I’m tired, tough,

I can’t feel it.

that’s why,

When I do my best

I worked hard with a 크레이지슬롯 full throttle,

I don’t notice until the battery runs out.


I can’t move.

The feeling of working hard

I don’t feel too hard

Cannot be suppressed. “

That’s right.

I see.

My daughter

I can’t do my best.

“Well, I’m sorry.”


“This is fine!”

I can’t go out.

that’s why,

I run with all my might

I will weaken with all my might.

that’s why,

When you’re working too hard

It seems good to adjust the surroundings.

“Are you working too hard?”

“You don’t have to overdo it.”

“Let’s do it from ○ limit tomorrow!”

“Let’s take a rest tomorrow and relax.”


“How terrible of the 10 now?”

It seems good to ask.

Make your feelings aware

It’s also training.

So, for example, “Let’s go home when it reaches 7”

If you decide in advance,

The person himself is also safe.

The numbers are quite effective.

This is also a scale from the eyes.

up until this point

I’ve been calling for my hard work,

From now on

It is also important to call a voice that does not work hard.

The person himself

Axel and brake

Adjust well

To be used properly

Adults help.

This is to the teacher in charge

If you tell me

When you can go to school

“Are you okay?”

Call up moderately


It’s my daughter’s peace of mind

It seemed to be connected.

Even if you come to school

If it gets tough

I can go home anytime

The sense of security is


Professional Baseball Katsuhiko Kumazaki Commissioner announced on the 22nd to send a one -year disqualification and 5 million yen to giant Keisuke Takagi (26), who was accused of a giant involved in baseball gambling. did. The giant canceled the contract with pitcher Takagi on the same day, but former giant Satoshi Fukuda (32), pitcher Masao Kasahara (25), pitcher Tatsuya Matsumoto (22) (22) (22), a former giant who was discovered in baseball gambling in October last year. In fact, the team was imposed on a sanctions of 10 million yen in the infinite disqualification from the baseball world, which was a “permanent expulsion”, but a voice that questioned the difference in this disposition erupted. did. Tatsuro Hirooka, who was the director of Yakult and Seibu at the giant OB, also has a harsh opinion. “First of all, I don’t know the basis of this disposal. What kind of discussions did the NPB survey committee have, and what discussions in the NPB, until the commissioner who received the report on the survey committee decides. I can’t see what I exchanged opinions. What is different from the three people who have been disposed of, and this kind of disposal? I’m disqualified in one year, 5 million yen. Before discussing the light and heavy, I think that it is more problematic to be not disclosed for baseball officials and fans who lost trust. ” A report of the NPB Investigation Committee, who is the chairman of Motosei Otsuru. Kumazaki Commissioner explained that “there is a considerable difference between the three players (in indefinite disqualification), which is objectively looking at the degree of participation in baseball gambling, the period, and after being involved.” Compared to the three people who have been involved in the involvement and the period that have been involved in the indefinite disposal, it is about 10 days shorter, and the investigation is cooperative and the color of reflection is also considered, so there is a difference in disposal. It is said that it came out. But, as Mr. Hirooka said, wasn’t there any opposition to “consideration” in the investigation committee? The commissioner has no discussions to decide on disposal, such as whether he had no doubt. It is no surprise that the same act of violating the baseball agreement is performed, one is permanent, and if one year is disqualified, there will be voices saying “I am not satisfied.” Is it a matter of deciding “sentencing”, as if it were a court -related period or a reflection attitude like a court? On the same day, the giant revealed that pitcher Takagi had also entered and exit the illegal “back slot store”, but Hirooka said, “The giant’s responsibility is heavy.” “Probably, but this time, the four who violated the baseball agreement, unlike the old black fog incidents, 타이산게임 did not dye the 800 -match, and” I bet, so it’s good to bet. “I think I felt like it was. It seems that there was no guilty about the anti -social forces, how serious it was. “The giant who has not educated the basic morals of” what kind of life attitude should be to become a professional as a professional. “The giant is not only a giant, but the ball world betrays the trust of the fans. “I will have to take out” “I have issued” and say what to do in the future, including the education and management of players, “as Hirooka says, in this ruling, in a series of rules. It is a mistake to think that the baseball gambling problem has been settled. (Responsibility / Satoru Komazawa / Sports writer)